I want to import toys from China and start a wholesale shop for it in India. How should I start?

4 Top Toys Exhibition Must Visit If You Buy From Shantou Toys Market

The Toys Markets you must visit if most of your business is

Plastic/ Electronic Toys / Educational Toys/ Board Game Toys / Baby Toys …

It is Shantou Toys Market.

Before you visit Shantou toys market, you need to know:

#1 In Shantou, market = showing room, so they also called “Exhibition

#2 Shantou have more than 30 exhibitions( big and small), according to sample QTY and suppliers number, below I will introduce the 4 top exhibitions

#3 In different exhibitions, it is possible to see same sample same packing, yes! it is from same supplier/ maunfactuer.

#4 Exhibitions it is more like a “Wal-Mart” supermarket, the service staff will record the item No. if you like the product, then you can get all the info list when check out.

#1 CBH Exhibition Hall/汕头潮博汇展厅

It is a NEW Exhibition Hall, started from 2017. It is new, and “luxury” !! Good decoration for the hall, nice service from the staff, large space for each booth , coffee room and meeting room….

13,000 square meter showing area,

4,000+ regular toys showing booth

4,500+ professional toys showing booth

4,000+ corporate factory support

110+ Service Team member

Important! most Toys showed here it is with good packing and higher quality.

This market it is more helpful for European and American buyer or who want to build own brand toys.


#2 Hoton Exhibition Hall/ 汕头宏腾展厅

Honton is the 1st

Exhibition Hall Company in Shantou From 2003.

They are the starter for this business mold, in order to “ Help buyer get all toys info at one place, save time and make business easy

With 15000 square meter showing area, now they are inviting other material (no only plastic) toys suppliers from all over China to join their exhibition hall.

so in the future you can see plush toys, costume, wooden toys, soft toys …all kind of toys here.

In Hoton exhibition hall, it is more easy to see some VERY NEW design, Suppliers update their product info quite fast.

#3 On Top Exhibition Hall/汕头新悦翔展厅

Now On Top have Over 10,000 square meter area and 5000 suppliers. With 1,000,000+ Item No.

Here have varity toys to choose, both for cheap item and brand toys. Most Indian, Middle East customers prefer to visit here because it is easily find the ok quality and cheap price items.

MOQ: for the cheap item, some factory provide 1 CTN/1 item MOQ,

it is quick good to conbine one container with 1000+ toys items

#4 HK Exhibition Hall/汕头汇港展厅

10,000 square meter showing area, 2000+ toys supplier

From 2015 years, Professional in customer service, quite good to help you find the item you want.

just give them your picture when you enter it.

Below it is the quotation list get from HK Exhibition Hall

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