Which is the website to find out genuine foreign buyers for products to export from india?

Hi there, I’ve run my own trading company for the last 10 years. Finding buyers is one of the hardest parts of the process. You should not think of it as youshould find buyers, you should have a great online presence so that the buyers will find you… People that are searching online are ready to buy. So if you have great online presence, the leads you receive will be warmer.

There are a few ways you can find buyers, but the best way is to have a strong online presence. Have a great website, great product catalogs and social media pages. A few options include:

  • Have a great website and create great marketing materials. Make sure that the products you are selling have great photos, great descriptions and look professional. If you do not look professional, your buyers will not have confidence and you will lose many orders.
  • List your company on social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+). Write blogs on your website and share them on all of your social media pages. This will help with SEO rankings but will take 6–12 months to start working, if you get it right. While you are waiting for SEO to work, you could pay for Google AdWords. But be careful, they can get quite expensive. You have to make sure that the words you are targeting are actually converting, otherwise you are wasting your money.
  • Add your products to as many trade marketplaces as possible. They are free and buyers all over the world can find you and message you directly.

Once you have found your buyers, make sure that you reply to their enquiries quickly and send professional quotes and shipping documents.

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