Why is Germany’s economy so good?

We moved to Germany when I was 14. That same year I got my first summer job…in a steel factory. Everything was so efficient…and people worked hard and 'smart'. We drank beer at lunch ( yes even me) but were back on a machine on time 'pronto'. Everything at the and of he day was spic and span, organized and ready for the next day (we started at 7 am…finished at 3 pm).

In the 3 years we were in Germany ( 1970 to 73) it changed from lagging the quality of life in the UK ( where we lived 2 years previous) to jumping ahead. I returned to Canada for university then went back to Germany in 1978 for a graduate year in Freiburg…wow…everything even much further advanced.

Anyways, there is a collective attention to education and quality. Emphasis on efficiency.This is similar in northern European countries…the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland etc. In contrast, in my country Canada …and the United States, these are also attributes but we don't have the same collective necessity. In Germany if one wants to succeed…how do we make a better car transmission or drill press? In Canada, its developing another mine for metals or drilling oil wells. Germans are masters at creating quality….pride in not being the biggest but being the best.

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