What are the technologies from China that lead the world?

When I was still doing my education - we hear the fact that China has developed the synthesis of insulin [1960] Among the scientist in the EU was discussion to honor these scientist with the noble price. {this was during the cultural revolution] Problem if you read the publication of the group of scientist - It started with the wording — Thanks to Chairman Mao —- etc. This would be no problem - but the name of the scientist were omitted[probably because of the cultural revolution.] A few years ago a Chinese woman scientist was awarded the Nobel price for her anti malaria drug. This was all done in the 1965–1970 time period, when Chinese scientist could not even effort the needed equipment to do the research from the West.

Now is 2018 — we only hear something about computer hardware technology like quantum computers but we - the public, know nothing about their patents filing. Invention will not be productive immediately but only after other people developed the usage of the new inventions. Transistors were invented in the 1950′s, DNA was also invented in the 1950’s. Only 50 years later we are reaping the benefits.

The world will see the benefits in 50 years from now.

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