What are the most popular goods exported from India to Dubai?

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I appreciate some of the answers but some have just guessed what India exports to Dubai/UAE.

In reality, Jewellery, Gold and Diamond make up most of the percentage of export from India to UAE. Next is refined petroleum and coal tar products.

Now next data is amazing - India exports almost USD 3Bn worth of knit t-shirts and woven fabric.

Rice and Wheat make up 1.8% of export to the UAE.

There is obviously a lot more products but none of these products are above 1% but very tiny amount in compare to above mentioned products. Yet it surely makes up for big chunk of money.

You may like to see this beautiful platform that will explain everything you want to know about Indo-UAE business relations. All the products with amounts are listed there. 

Products that India exports to the United Arab Emirates (2013)

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