What is something at which India is far better than other developed nations?

  1. Airports: In European airports it is a such a pain to get basic essentials like water. From Helsinki to Istanbul to Amsterdam and Paris, I had a tough time getting drinking water and charging my phone/computer. India’s new airports are quite convenient and I would pick Bangalore airport over any European or American airport. Delhi airport ranked number 1 in world in service quality
  2. Lower debt to GDP: India’s public debt to GDP is about 50%. Europe’s is near 90%. US about 78% and Japan about 220%. Debt crisis is a real issue in a lot of the developed world countries. List of countries by public debt.
  3. Higher savings by public. India has a healthy gross domestic savings as public save more and borrow less. Countries ranked by Gross domestic savings (% of GDP) - Indians save about 28% of the income — in most developed countries it is less than 15%.
  4. Mobile data: In India, you can buy 3 months of mobile data [1.5GB/day] for like $7. In most developed countries it is 10x of that. Average mobile data usage at 11GB a month: Nokia
  5. Medical care: If you have some money in India, health care is very accessible and in most case affordable. It is cheaper and better than most developing countries. My relatives use to come to India for some of their children’s despite being on NHS. This is due to queues that limit access. When I lived in the US, I had most of my health check, dental care etc in whenever I visited India. Top 5 Countries for Medical Tourism
  6. Connecting 1 billion people with a biometric id: India has had a record fast adoption of biometric id. Despite a few claims of hacking, it is still secure and is getting deeply embedded into people’s life. Aadhaar goes global, finds takers in Russia and Africa
  7. Television and entertainment: In India, we have a plethora of TV entertainment options — as the cable is quite cheap and we have Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc that reduce the costs with economies of scale. Binge-watchers don’t need data dieting any more. While living in rural India I had full HBO access, but could not afford the same while living in the US.
  8. Launching satellites and spacecrafts economically: India is trying to capture micro and nano satellites and ISRO is becoming a key player in the satellite launch industry. https://www.deccanchronicle.com/...and Chandrayaan-1 data confirms presence of ice on Moon: NASA. Only a handful of countries can provide a better reliability.
  9. Movie industry: India has the world’s second largest movie industry, second only to Hollywood. Movies become a key export from India. India's Film Industry -- A $10 Billion Business Trapped In A $2 Billion Body
  10. Food and retail delivery: In India, Swiggy, Amazon etc provide record fast deliveries. Companies are now trying to replicate this success elsewhere. Amazon to 'export' logistics successes made in India

Of course, we lag behind in so many things — especially in things affecting the poor. I’m not saying we are rich, ideal or achieved most things. We are broken in a lot of things. But, we will fix that and we are fixing that.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

—Robert Frost

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