What are the things that we can export from India?

What are the things that we can export from India?

In this post I will talk about Indian exporting topic. This is a wide field, with many interesting contents.

The posts on the website are not a book, so I do not present parts from A to Z. Instead, I will write about the content in around important keywords, which many readers are interested in searching.

And I split the main content as below, then will write supplementary by the detailed articles.

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1. Pepper:

In India, pepper is one of the most important spices and is mainly grown in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu but also expanded to grow in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharasthra, Goa, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura.

India has a rather advanced spice industry, especially processed spices such as flour, dehydrated products, oils and oleoresins and other by-products. Demand for pepper is very high.

Export and re-export pepper from India by market

(Unit: tons)

2. Mineral fuels:

India is a country rich in mineral resources. It is also considered a monopoly country in the production of mica. Mining activities mainly focus on coal mining. The amount of coal reserves in India is about 275 billion tons. In addition to providing cheap energy, the coal mining industry has created thousands of jobs for workers.

3. Sugar and sugar confectionery products:

Sugar cane is one of the key industries in India with an export scale of up to 2 million tons per year. In the 2016-2017 season, India produces 20.3 million tons of sugar, of which 4.2 million tons come from Maharashtra - India's largest sugar producing state.

Crude sugar futures for March delivery fell 3.7% from February 2018 to 13.07 cents. Average white sugar fell 1.4% from February 2018 to $ 353.67 a tons.

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4. Gold and diamonds

India is one of the world's largest gem and jewelry traders, with 80% of the rough diamonds produced here.

India's gem and jewelry industry in 2016/2017 accounts for 15.71% of total Indian exports and contributes 4.64% to GDP. The labor force is 4.64 million. It is one of the largest consumer markets, accounting for 29% of global consumption.

Gem jewelery market currently has sales of about $ 60 billion in 2016/2017 and is expected to increase to $ 100-110 billion by 2021/2022.

5. IT industry

India has made tremendous progress in the area of information technology and has become the center of the world in information technology services, contributing to employment.

According to the latest report, the software industry alone accounted for $ 39 billion in revenue. Compared with the country's own hardware, with just $ 6 billion.

6. Milk and milk products:

India not only leads the way in wheat and rice production, but is also the largest dairy producer in the world. Dairy products in India have increased manifold in the last financial year, total domestic milk production exceeded 140 million tons.

Dairy Cow Production in India

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