What types of foods does the UK import from India?

UK is the 2nd largest importer of Indian mangoes and grapes. Import of Indian mangoes and grapes are worth about USD 5 million and 30 million respectively every year.

UK also imports from India USD 30 million worth of fresh vegetables and USD 2 million worth of fresh onion. India exports about USD 5 million worth of pickled cucumber to UK every year.

UK is also the second largest importer of dried and preserved vegetables from India, importing about USD 15 million worth every year.

Other food exports from India to the UK include USD 35 million worth of cereal preparations and USD 5 million worth of milled products such as wheat flour.

UK is the 7th largest importer of Indian spices, importing worth about USD 100 million every year.

And let’s not forget that the British love drinking tea. USD 60 million worth of Indian tea is imported by UK every year.

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