What is the best for import and export from Vietnam?

First, I would note the fact, that Vietnam is right now on the very similar stage, like China about 10–15 years ago. And Vietnam “is walking in the footsteps” of China.

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I also would note, that the products what you should import and export with vietnam, also depends to which country you want export and from which country you are thinking to import.

Basically I would say, that if you want to impor something from Vietnam, then you should thin the products and goods what traders impoerted from China about 15 years ago. So generally the cathegories would be following:

  • Furniture- vietnamise furniture is actually well known in the world.
  • Clothes and footwear
  • Garmets
  • Cashew nuts and cashew nut oil- Vietnam is in the top 5 of the countries, who produce those nuts.
  • Vietnamise coffe and tea.
  • Agricultural products
  • fruits, vegetables.

If we are talking about the export to vietnam, then to vietnam we should export follwong things:

  • Western food, snacks and beverage
  • Electronics ( mostly comes from China)
  • Electrical scooters and motorcycles. Vietnam is country what has at least 1 motorcycles per person!!
  • Wood and logs. Vietnamise furniture factories need raw materials
  • IT and smart solutions and some high tech products

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