How does an export/import merchant expand their network?

Well for those who are looking to expand their network by connecting with buyers/sellers from all around the globe, they may find it helpful to get involved with a B2B trade platform like Tridge - Find The World’s Most Competitive Suppliers. Trade platforms like Tridge help buyers/ importers connect with sellers/exporters of various commodities.

Here’s how it would work. Let’s say there’s a Tridge- registered wholesale onion buyer in Canada that is looking to source for onion suppliers. They can check on the Tridge platform to see which countries export the most onions into Canada.

From this information, the buyer may decide that they want to look for onion suppliers in Mexico. Then they can simply check Tridge’s list of onion suppliers in Mexico and then Tridge will work with the buyer and supplier to make sure both parties are happy with the trade.

The upside of using a B2B trade platform like Tridge is that buyers from all over the world will come to the seller instead of the seller struggling to find buyers. Furthermore, both buyers and suppliers need to be verified to use the Tridge service, so you know everyone on the Tridge platform is legitimate.

You can go here to read about how Tridge connected another vegetable supplier with a retailer: Tridge Connects Frozen Avocado Supplier with a Rising Food Product Retailer in England - Tridge Hope this helps!

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