How do exporters find importers / buyers abroad?

Its not that easy!

In order to find a trusted importer or a buyer in a foreign country, you will first need to register your company in your home country, get all the export licence, get quality certifications, and when you are done with these paperwork or formalities, then you should start searching for buyers/importers in other countries.

Why you should do all your paper work before exporting?

Many countries have strict rules for products that are imported into their country. For example, if you are importing fruits or food items, then it should have the proper quality check done because there might be a possibility that it is infected.

Therefore, to gain the trust of the country and the company, it is important to have all the required paperwork done.

Once you have all the required paperwork to export your products, you need a platform where you can connect with the buyers or importers.

You also need their email or phone in order to share your quotes or details.

This is where most of the B2B websites come into the picture.

How to Find and Connect with Buyers/Importers in foreign Country?

Create your business profile or register your company on few trusted B2B websites.

Few of the top global B2B networking websites used by more than 10+ million companies are:

  1. Alibaba
  2. IndiaMart
  3. BizVibe
  4. Europages
  5. MadeinChina

1. Alibaba- This is one of the largest B2B websites in the world, started in China and rapidly expanded in the US. If you are looking for Chinese suppliers or buyers, then this would be the best website for you.

2. IndiaMart - This is the largest B2B website in India. If you are looking for 

Indian suppliers or buyers, then this website will do the best for you.

3. BizVibe - This is by far the largest B2B networking platform in the world in terms of number of company profile they have. BizVibe is a Canadian B2B website with a strong presence in many countries. If you are looking for buyers in the US, Canada, the UK, Whole of Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa, then BizVibe will be the best B2B website for you.

4. Europages- This is one of the largest B2B websites in Europe. They have lots of European companies listed on their website. So, if you have looking for only European companies, then you can go with this website. Europages is headquarted in France.

5. MadeinChina - This is another Chinese B2B website which has a strong presence in China and across the globe. They have lost of Chinese companies and manufacturers listed on their website.

Which B2B website should you use?

I have personally used BizVibe and found it very helpful. You can create your free profile on this website, connect with buyers, get their contact details and fix your deal. Unlike other B2B websites, BizVibe is free to use, their is no cost involved.

You can also go for any other B2B website depending on your needs.

How to Find Buyers/Importers

Just create your free company profile. Go to search page, select the category like food, machinery, automobile etc, select the country, and then either give the keyword like fruits, mangoes, or cars and then search.

You will get list of top buyers in that specific category with whom you can connect and sell your products for free.

Source- BizVibe

If you want to try it and see if you can find trusted and vefired buyers, the you can do it on BizVibe’s website.

Find Global Buyers, Importers, and Distributors at No Cost. Get the Contact Details of Buyers on BizVibe.

Companies profiles on these B2B websites are mostly verified and trusted. So, it is the best way to find and connect with buyers from all over the world.

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