How can I import goods in bulk from Alibaba to India?

Import from Alibaba

Step1: Message all possible supplier for your product requirement

Step2: Evaluate and Filter the supplier based on Parameters

Step3: Negotiate Price and Terms and Place the order

Step4: Transfer the Deposit so they can start the production

Step5: Hire inspection Agency or Import agent to Inspect the cargo

Step6: After all satisfactory result Pay the balance and Ask the supplier to Export the goods

Step7: Once Shipment arrives Customs Clear the goods and Release the cargo after paying the Duties and taxes.

Importing can be time consuming and tedious; to make it hassle free and risk free always take the help of Professional Import Agent to help you in this entire process. Once you conclude the supplier you can forward the same to a Professional Agent who will then give you final estimate costing of import making it easy for you to make a final decision on purchase plan.

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